[LISTEN] The Hubbards - Free

The Hubbards are a band who, so far, have gone under the radar. Hailing from Hull, this four-piece band have consistently released great indie music, but unfortunately, these great songs have fallen mostly on deaf ears.

This is 'Free', The Hubbards' newest single. Thankfully, it's as good as their previous work.

'Free' is a slow builder, but this slower tempo helps to emphasize the wonderful vocals. The lead singer has a wonderful, unique voice and the backing vocals are equally impressive. That's not to say that's all to be impressed with - the music is well paced, and when it comes to the chorus, atmospheric and powerful.

This is a deceptively evocative piece of music, with it's crashing drums, haunting harmonies and honest lyrics. On first listen, it's another piece of good indie music. On the third or fourth, it's a stirring, emotive song full of honesty and atmosphere.

Give 'Free' a listen, and if you like that, 'Is It Me' and 'Dog Bite' are recommended by The Hubbards, who we're hoping will have a break-through this year. 'Free' is, true to it's name, a free download.

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