[LISTEN] Maybug - Out To Sea

Maybug's brand new track "Out To Sea" might just be the perfect track to wake up to after a night that's full of hazy memories. The laid back cut is full of vocal whispers, gentle guitars laced in reverb and full of heart & soul.

Speaking on the track, Dunn explains that - "It [Out to Sea] is a song about how there are times that I struggle with my state of mind, but that's OK, and not a completely bad thing - and that it is a part of who I am. And also letting go and forgiving myself for that. It is also a thank you to those people who took the time to help me, and how I look forward to being able to help them out whenever they should need it."

Maybug's d├ębut EP "Pollen Odyssey" is out September 18th.

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