[WATCH] Slaves- Sockets

Two piece punk band Slaves have released the new, interesting video to their next single 'Sockets' from their debut album 'Are you Satisfied?' Laurie Vincent and Isaac Holman continue to deliver with yet another solid track containing numerous harsh guitar riffs which give the track that extra edge. The lyrics to the chorus are inevitably catchy, 

'It wasn't her fault, she makes sugar taste like salt, 
Cause she was so sweet,
Now you're shuffling your feet with you hands in your pockets.'

The brand new video for 'Sockets', directed by Ciaran Lyons, is a nostalgic affair combined with contemporary ideas from the duo themselves through the lyrics. The video itself is an incredibly artistic portrayal of the single, using the tangibility of plugs and their sockets as the main theme even though the song clearly states, 'You could hear your eyes rolling round in their sockets.' The presence of Slaves throughout the majority of the video (by the means of the old fashioned television screen), ensures that one doesn't forget the cunning and entertaining facial expressions from the duo. This is undoubtedly another hit from the this unique band and the music video is definitely one to watch!

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Check out the new video for 'Sockets' below: