Bastille tease at new material

British Indie-pop band Bastille are currently working on their second album. Following the release of 'Bad Blood' back in March 2013, the London quartet have a lot to live up to and have left fans eagerly waiting for new material. After numerous festival appearances, new tracks such as 'Grip', 'Hangin' and 'Snakes' have been premiered in their live shows, provoking the anticipation for the album recorded versions even more.

However, today lead singer Dan Smith tweeted,
'Working on a thing today with @Ralph_TKAK and @markbcrew.'
Accompanied by a photo from last studio session featuring Ralph Pelleymounter (lead singer of indie band To Kill a King), we can only presume that this is a hint at new material for a new album or EP perhaps. Previously, Dan Smith and Ralph worked on a music project called 'Annie Oakley Hanging' back in 2009 which consisted of more 'cowboylike' tracks as described by the duo. A number of clues throughout this year have indicated that the two singers may be working on this side project for a second time, maybe as part of the new album or maybe as extra material, who knows? One can only keep hoping that Bastille will be releasing some new material soon, with as much quality as the last record. In the meantime, check out 'Feet Don't Fail Me' from Annie Oakley Hanging below:

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