Bestival 2015: The festival's must see acts

Summer is reaching it's demise, school, college or University beckon for many, and the greatest season of them all - Festival Season - is coming to an end.

But fortunately - for the lucky few who have decided to make the lengthy treck to the Isle of Wight - there is still one major festival left to enjoy.

So, if you are heading to Bestival 2015 this weekend, here are It's All Indie's Top 5 must see acts.

1. Sleaford Mods: The Big Top, Saturday, 9pm

Although the anti-establishment growl of their twitchy mouth-piece has, at times, racked-up more column-inches over the last year than their musical output, Nottingham-duo, Sleaford Mods are the most lyrically sincere and genuinely exciting bands to challenge Torrie-Britain and the status-quo since The Sex Pistols. 

Driven by angst, but backed by a juxtaposing minamilistic stage set-up of a mere laptop-come-beat-machine, accompanied by a beer-wielding counterpart, Sleaford Mods are a formidable festival force, who's live set is surprisingly, yet utterly entertaining - and every concoction of words that Jason Williamson spits at you, will be the truest you'll hear all weekend. 

And with fellow punk-duo/Radio 1 golden boys, Slaves, appearing on the same stage just prior to them, expect to be treated to a list of comedic expletives fired at their Big Top predecessors as soon as Williamson grabs the mic. 

2. Animal Noise: Caravanserai, Friday 12.40am 

They may have been in the game for a few years now, but Colchester's swampy-funk sweethearts, Animal Noise - in the wake of signing to Sony Europe and being playlisted on Radio 1 - are finally starting to reach out to the audiences and obtain the acclaim that their left-field acoustic-folk stomp warrants. They may be new to the prestigious festival circuit and many of the ears that will hear them this weekend, but the spark that they'll ignite amongst the abundance of arm-yielding festival-goers upon finding their scatty rhythm, will leave you declaring them your new favourite band. 

3. Charli XCX: Main Stage, Friday 6.15pm

Having somewhat lived in the shadows of the megastars that she's been writing hits for over the past couple of years, the past 12 months has finally seen Charli XCX blossom into the sultry and commanding popstar that her infectious song writing ability would have you suggest. And after a series of high-profile and critically acclaimed festival slots to her name already this year, expect her Bestival set to be the best possible way to wave goodbye to her and your festival season.

4. Tame Impala: The Big Top, Friday 11.30pm

Despite playing the festival's graveyard shift, Kevin Parker's acid-draped gang of psych-mind-manipulators will prove a hit with all those tripping at the sight of the bands kaleidoscope on-screen visuals - entirely soundtracked by the swirling, time-travelling phaser-draped perfection of their new album, 'Currents'. 

5. The Bohicas: Invaders of the Future, Saturday 11pm

With little in the way of gritty, straight-up guitar bands at this years Bestival, Domino's latest exports, The Bohicas will be looking to turn heads and capitalise on the indie-loving festival-goers, yearning for a piece of 2006. Who knows, it might just be their crowning moment - and it might just be the incarnation indie's next leather jacket-heroes.