[INTRODUCING] Eliza and the Bear

Ever since the beginning of the band we've been a fan of theirs - look back to 2012, we're not lying! Consisting of 5 members, it's no wonder they have become someone to watch as they released their single 'Friends' this year. Close to an indie anthem, this was the soundtrack to Summer for many and caused great emotions to run through everybody who clicked play on their Soundcloud as soon as it went up. Full of deep feelings mixed with slightly chilling loops and warming vocals, it's no wonder that this song appears to be one of celebration and everything around us that we may not always appreciate.

Creating that connection between the band and all their listeners, it's no wonder the fan base is growing bigger and bigger every day. They've been growing ever since 2012 and we even had them in the 'Sounds of' 2013 & '13 lists - but we're revisiting the band as they're début LP is out next year (2016). One track off it is "Light It Up", and it's been heavily featured on adverts all over the tele, and I can see why, it's just one of those songs that shouts anthem for everyone! ... and finally we have "Lion's Heart", it's lifted from their début album which is released through Capitol Records, the track was recorded in Nashville with producer Jacquire King (Kings of Leon, Of Monsters and Men, James Bay). Their début album is penned to be released in 2016.

They've got determination, soul and a huge abundance of talent. They're growing steadily into a band that can easily take on fellow Folk-Rock bands such as Mumford & Sons, and I know that's a lot to say, but I mean it. Eliza and the Bear are one of the bands for the future, if you're still not convinced just listen to their demo and their live songs, all are just beautiful!

For fans of // Mumford & Sons, Little Comets, Port Isla

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Written by - Fred Bambridge and Connor Willis