[LISTEN] Frankin - Cold Heart

We've already posted about Franklin, their track "Part II" was one we absolutely adored and today we thought to bring you a review of another one of their tracks, this one's "Cold Heart", which is the 4th track on their EP "Dirty Drug".

The band seem to be going from strength to strength with every track I get sent by them, "Cold Heart" is the culmination of months of hard work, and with it sitting in at a staggering six minutes long you can easily compare it to Foals' "Spanish Sahara", it's equally as stunning and beautiful. It takes a slow and well written start to the song with just guitars and drums welcoming you, then gives way to some lighter guitar tones and vocals with the track bit by bit gaining more atmosphere.

When it gets to the halfway mark your jaw is on the floor, it's that in-your-face mindblowingly epic, with it picking up speed as it progresses you're left with a great tune stuck in your head, you'll be hitting the repeat button a lot from now on!

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