[LISTEN] Honne - No Place Like Home (feat. JONES)

Honne's music has grown on me massively since a friend recommended the amazing "All In The Value" just over a year ago. Although I must admit, at the time, I didn't really get it; it was almost like each song held something back and there was always room for the tracks to develop further.

In addition to that frustration, I've never really been able to define them properly - in fact I've never even been able to say their name so if you know what it is, please do let me know...

The most eloquent way I can think to define their music is futuristic soul, with a twist of 80's pop in the funkier tunes and, just for good measure, the sonic aesthetic of James Blake/Jamie Woon. But then having said that, the vocal throws all that out the window!

Anyway, onto "No Place Like Home"... The reason I wanted to write about this track is because it is so different to what these guys normally do. JONES' beautiful, shimmery voice brings a new dimension to Honne's sound, mostly in the way it compliments frontman Andy's vocal so effortlessly in the second chorus.

There's also a completely different pace here. I found myself relaxing, whereas in other tunes of theirs I find there's this whole dance/chill conflict going on that for some unknown reason made me a little on edge. There's no doubting that all Honne's songs are carefully and cleverly constructed and "No Place Like Home" is certainly no exception to that. See what you think of the track, but make sure you listen to the rest of their tracks on soundcloud too.

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