A mellow, almost reflective start is quickly shattered to pieces by an abrupt change in pace and an intense barrier of noise breaking out - as if it’s making the statement that HOT MESS are back with more studio recordings.

Things seem to have changed in the Luton band’s camp, what with the increased levels of skill coming through, and the sound of classic 00s indie being pushed backwards as a base for their music, but nothing more. A higher level of complexity slithers through from the outset and a wider train of thought starts to filter in through each element of Fears, be it the stringed instruments or the drumming by Kieran Meegan. Having such a gap between the last set of tracks and this single, it becomes immediately clear that the four-piece are starting to discover where they really want to go, and it’s somewhere special.

Clearly influenced by the intensity of records like Given To The Wild, Fears starts to introduce a deeper level of character to HOT MESS’ sound, and infiltrates it further as the lyrics begin to tell a story. ‘You could save me, if you like’, Thomson sings on the matter of fear and over-powering thoughts - the most serious issue the band have chosen to write about, allowing for a challenging, but wholesome, final product. What becomes apparent from the first verse, and after several listens, is the maturity that is starting to take effect in their music.

'Fears' Artwork by Derek Stewart

A disliking to this song and the structure soon turned into a realisation that things like abrupt pace changes are there for a specific reason and actually suit the theme of what the song is about, which was a struggle to understand within the first couple of listens. But now it works. And it’s creating a precise formula for their best song yet, as well as leaving room for potential to improve, should the band wish to do so.

Fears is the beginning of a new chapter for the Bedfordshire boys, and it’s starting off with a fierce, subtly dark opening. It’s All Indie are proud to host the exclusive for this, which you can hear below.

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