[GIG REVIEW] WET @ The Lexington, Friday 11th September 2015

Brooklyn band WET are over in the UK for the whole of September, and during the month they're scheduled to play three intimate London shows. Last night, It's All Indie caught the first of these at the White Heat night hosted at The Lexington, with support from GIRLI.

WET's performance to this packed out North London venue was nothing short of spectacular. Their bass-fuelled, hypnotic indie RB, that at times enjoys a small dose of country through lead-singer Kelly Zutrau's accented vocal, became much larger and far more in your face than on record. 

Highlights of their 10 song set included "You're the Best", new album track (and purported favourite of the band) "These Days" and the absurdly catchy "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl". Zutrau's effortlessly laid-back melodies are designed to hypnotise and there was certainly evidence of that here, with the crowd often taking a while to begin applauding after songs, almost as if they were completely spellbound by each track and hadn't noticed it had ended! 

Having said that, Zutrau at times seems to shun being in the spotlight, twice asking for the lights to be turned down, which felt odd considering the quality of WET's whole set and her vocals especially. 

I'd strongly urge you to check out the next two WET shows this month and give this band even more support during their short trip over here, firstly at The Old Blue Last (September 18th) and then just around the corner at Ace Hotel (September 25th). 

But first, check out the video for "Deadwater" from their d├ębut album below.

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