The Libertines fail to turn up for tonight's (10/09) London show

The time has just gone 11pm, and The Libertines are yet to turn up to their intimate gig at Camden's Electric Ballroom on the eve of their album release.

Many punters at the gig have taken to social media to express anger, confusion and various other opinions on the matter - including those not attending. Reasons given are based upon the fact that Pete Doherty has gone missing, and one gig-goer even saying he got stuck in a cubicle in a Whetherspoons, with Gary Powell now carrying him to the venue.

Tweets are now starting to come through that doors to the venue have been closed and people still have no idea what is going on. Photos from the venue appear to show the crowds slowly drip feeding out to get the last trains home.

Their record, Anthems For Doomed Youth, is due out at Midnight and tonight's gig was to celebrate that with a show in a part of London that means the most to them. The Libertines have shown no signs of this happening since their comeback, especially with all the events that have been happening around their album - so it's understandable that this comes as a slight surprise to many, although the band are notorious for doing things like this back when they were in the peak of their career.

Updates to follow.

UPDATE 23.34PM - People are now starting to report that the bar has been closed, lights have gone up and equipment is being unplugged. Nobody seems to have been given reasons for tonight's events.

UPDATE 23.38PM - A message has now been passed on to gig-goers stating that "due to an unforeseen emergency, tonight's gig has been postponed." Scroll down to watch a video of the announcement being received by boos and glass throwing.

UPDATE 23.48PM - The emergency is now being referred to as a "medical emergency" by some. We'll wait for an official statement before confirming a matter this serious.

UPDATE 12.13AM - The Libertines have tweeted as the record has been released. Fans continue to send tweets of love to Pete, in light of the news.

UPDATE 01.05AM - A statement has been put out, confirming that London and Manchester's shows have been postponed. They reveal that no other commitments will be effected. It reads:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances tonight the Libertines have had to postpone their sold out shows at the Electric Ballroom in Camden and at the Ritz in Manchester tomorrow night. Peter, Carl, John and Gary apologise whole heartedly to their fans and will reschedule both shows as soon as possible. This will not effect any of The Libertines other commitments. HQ."
UPDATE 11.19AM - The band have now tweeted that Pete is okay, although they do stress that this is a personal matter and hint at saying no more about it. The full tweet reads "We can assure everyone that Peter is safe. Clearly this is a private matter, but we also feel it necessary to let people know he is ok."

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