[ALBUM REVIEW] New Polarities - Narcissus

My old Music teacher has been young ever since I got in touch with him. For me he still sounds the same, looks the same, I simply can call him by his name Roger now. BUT my horisont about his musical empire has changed with his newest band NEW POLARITIES. I received a beautiful 10" of their new EP and Side A is massively sounding like U2 in their peaktimes let's say late 80's. We also hear some nice late Pink Floyd Influences. I much enjoy their title track. It could be right out of Gilmour's handwriting. It's great 80's Pop with a touch of slight-psychadelia-harmonies.

Side B consists of Rogers phenomenal vocals and Piano-skillz. Listen to "UFO" and you got to dance with moody jazz-anthems and sometimes on the right side, beautiful slightly-distorted guitars. It's a record to make love to. It's sounding rather like a live-version album than a studio album but that's ok. Who wouldn't like to have a live band in their own room while making what ever comes to your mind. I guess I must say I'm really proud he was my teacher for a short period of time and Talk Talk, TheEdge, David, Klaus Dinger would be proud too. Thanks for an amazing individual record. I'm not only enjoying it very much but also singing along already... Good sign baby!

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