Lilliput unveil new video 'Turn It Around'

Brand new video from classic pop rockers Lilliput. Layered instruments, classic pianos and addictive riffs is what makes this a standout track. Add poignant ballet dancing in one of the world's oldest railway stations in the world and your day is instantly better for watching the video.

Lilliput added “Turn it Around is a new style of song for us. It’s got that city sound. I like that it could relate to so many places in the world. For us it’s Sunderland but that’s only because we live here. I like to think it could be about New York or London just the same. We spend a lot of time in the centre of town working and practicing/recording and I wanted to write about these day to day experiences I have. Sunderland is home for us and it’s nice but it’s also a hard place to live for a lot of people. That’s something I hope we translate in our music. The song is filled with sadness, empathy and angst”.