[LISTEN] Blaenavon - Dragons

Blaenavon have today shared a very laid back new track in the shape of "Dragons", thus completing their EP - which is available to stream on their soundcloud page. Their EP is released via Transgressive Records (one of my favourite labels) on October 30th.

Discussing "Dragon", frontman Benjamin Gregory offered the following; - "We wrote this tune a couple of years ago. Dragon started as a solo piano piece, and we first tried it as a band in one of Mr Ogley's music lessons - he liked it so we knew it was a gem. We really developed it at the Bryn Derwen studio in North Wales, though. It's quite a mystical environment there; an old chapel nestled amongst the Welsh mountains. David Pye is a wizard and we think his influence comes through best on this recording. Frank found that killer synth sound at that back of the college music cupboard, covered with a layer of rust and then a layer of dust - and then another layer of rust. We were thrilled with the results."