[LISTEN] Holy '57 - Au Naturel

London singer-songwriter Alex Mankoo, AKA Holy '57, unveils the second track from his forthcoming EP H (26/10) a belated slab of summery sprightliness in 'Au Naturel'. This song manages the feat of being both expansive and intimate at the same time; it would feel natural (no pun intended) to experience this either in the middle of a sunny day on the main-stage at a festival with thousands of around you, or in a claustrophobic pub venue with broken air-conditioning whilst being bustled by ten moshing teenagers.

Wherever you end up listening to this, it's infectious from the get-go. The guitar lines will stick in your head for hours afterwards and Mankoo's understated vocals perfectly capture the chilled-out yet buzzy energy of the song as a whole. Fans of Los Campesinos, FIDLAR or Wavves HAVE to listen below, whereas everyone else just should:

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