[LISTEN] Leo Skywell - Leisure/Desperation [IAI PREMIÈRE]

Today we're bringing you a rather lovely piece of Alt-Pop music all the way from Sweden, it's Leo Skywell's new track "Leisure/Desperation". The three-minute pop gem was written during an unplanned visit to Nepal. Spending day after day on the southern slopes of Himalaya, far away from music, wifi and other distractions, the song took shape – at the same time brutally slaying and unconditionally praising nightlife surrounding him in hometown Gothenburg, Sweden.

Skywell, who just turned 20 years old, started his career as jazz guitarist. He was introduced to a wider audience this past summer with a 20 date solo tour through Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The track is a pure example of musical talent, with no influence from the outside world, his vocals captivate you and you're just memorised by the melodies.

"Leisure/Desperation" was recorded at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg and is the first release in a forthcoming, long term, collaboration between Birds Will Sing For You and CLSSN Musik.