[LISTEN] Mìo - Neverland (feat.Le Pie)

Dream-Pop is a particularly apt tag for the latest offering from Australian production duo Mìo, considering its title Neverland. With misty production, hints of tribal drums and sugary guest vocals from fellow Aussie Le Pie, imagine an early M83 demo combined with the melodies of Say Lou Lou's more recent singles.

"Everyone's working out, staying in.... I don't want to grow up now, meet me in Neverland. I'll be here  living life, making out with Peter Pan." 

Perhaps the beauty of Neverland, with its hooky chorus and distinct lyrics, is that it isn't trying to be something it's not. This is especially true when considering the vibe of Mìo's debut song Back To You; a bass-heavy, moodier, Massive Attack-esque track with Swedish vocalist Erik Lindestad that shows their ability to mix light with dark. In any case, it's well worth checking out both tracks below on their soundcloud.

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