[Gig Review] King No-One @ Fibbers, York. Saturday 21st November 2015

My fourth King No-One gig and I can safely say each time they seem to grow as an act.

Last night saw the lads play a special gig for the release of their single 'Constellations' which has had a bit of Radio 1 love in recent weeks. It's not for me to say It's All Indie are better than them but we did have this single reviewed, pre-release,  2 months before Radio 1 even sniffed at it... available to read HERE

Anyway, plugging aside, King No-One now feel more polished and established as an all round killer band ready to storm through your home Ipod docks and not move for a long time.

With a classy stage production and even the odd party popper (the cleaner at Fibbers will be furious) Zach, Joe, James and Alex knew how to pull all the strings to puppeteer an almost perfect gig for their stage in their career. By way of opening with some mood lighting, jokes/interaction with the crowd and all efforts directed towards having a good time the chaps appeared to have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands.

Frontman Zach swirls the mic stand around and jumps up on the drum kit like its effortless stage presence rather than forced entertainment.

Tunes like 'Foreign Tongue', 'Philosophical' and ending on 'Millennium' meant they portrayed their diverse range of hefty riffs and delicate softer abilities.

Hoping that this won't be the first and last tune of theirs being played on the big time.

Stop this reading this immediately and go check out their Soundcloud below.


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All photo credit to Joe Brumby

many thanks,

Jase Hare