[INTERVIEW] with Russell Lissack of Bloc Party

With Bloc Party's new album out in early 2016, a short European and UK tour scheduled for the end of 2015, and headlining NME's Awards Tour 2016 too, the band are back and have some new members too.

As you may already know, we've interviewed Russell Lissack before, and here's our latest chat. Please do 'share' the post as much as you can, this one's a good'un!

You've been around as a band before the big social media boom, do you think in the current climate that it's harder for a band to break out than it was say back in the early 00's?
"I imagine it's very difficult now. There are the benefits of being able to easily distribute your music, to get yourselves out there but with that comes the problem of standing out. Previously there were limited outlets of where to discover new music, now there are practically unlimited resources.
And then you have the problem of transience that comes with social media."

After Matt and Gordon, did you ever consider leaving Bloc Party?
"No. I love being in Bloc Party."

Does the new band still feel like Bloc Party to you (like The Cure is always The Cure), or is it a new vehicle with the same name (ala Smashing Pumpkins) ?
"To me it's still Bloc Party. It's always been Kele and I since we met in the 90's. I can understand how it's different for people looking on but obviously my perspective is different. We're still playing the songs we wrote together and we're still writing songs together as we always have."

The BOSE interview about Banquet that was published on-line was insightful. If you had the opportunity to reveal the story behind any other Bloc Party song - what would that song be, and why?
"Oh I don't know.... personally I've never been interested in the story behind a song (by another artist), I just enjoy the song for how I interpret it. I think delving too deep into things takes away the magic and the reason you enjoyed it in the first place."

Has fatherhood changed the way you feel about making music?
"It has changed the way I feel, it's just changed the process in terms of time... it's more of an effect on touring."

We saw you upload a photo of 'The Angel Range' CD, fans are always going to ask this but are we ever going to hear them?
"I don't know. I'd like people to hear them if they want to, i understand why people want to hear them... I felt the same about the bands I loved. I've been trying to compile a collection of "rarities" but ultimately there's a lot of other people involved in approving something like that."

How do you find inspiration when writing new music?
"The same as I always have, everywhere. New music, film soundtracks, video games, in my head. Personally I've always been more interested in creating new sounds, it's a never ending quest."

Are we ever going to see a reunion of Pin Me Down?
"Milena lives in LA and works in television now so I don't think so."

Back to the new music, the album features a whopping 15 new tracks, I know on the first two albums you guys had loads of b-sides, is there even more music to come on the singles too?
"The album is actually 11 tracks but there's a deluxe version with an extra 4 tracks. Singles don't really exist any-more sadly."

We're all about new music here and promoting exciting new sounds, but what new bands have you been currently been listening to?
"I love Everything Everything. I suppose they're not technically a new band but they're my favourite guitar band of the last 5 years. They're the only people i know of doing interesting new things with guitars."

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What can we expect from Bloc Party in 2016? Galstonbury, Reading? (Something even bigger?)
"It's a bit early to know what's happening that far ahead yet. I'm looking forward to people hearing the new record next year and getting to play the songs live, that's always my favourite part of the process."

Finally, if you could share a word of wisdom for a new band what would it be?
"Good luck and don't forget to talk to one another."

Bloc Party's new album "Hymns" is out early 2016 - you can watch the video for their comeback single "The Love Within" below - #GBBP.