The Zoo by Swedish-American band FEWS is irresistible from the get-go. A classic pounding bass riff aided and abetted by simple driving drums provides the basis for the sinister and spacey guitars to create a dark, unsettling yet spacious atmosphere. The reverb drenched shoegaze style moaning vocals sustain this feeling, before the yelped ‘Time! Is! On! My! Side!’ refrain further paints an ominous picture of whatever mysterious ‘Zoo’ the title relates to…

Easy comparisons can be made to Joy Division or Interpol in the suffocating production style, or to Kid A era Radiohead (think ‘The National Anthem’) with respect to the bludgeoningly repetitive and strident guitar-line, coupled with eerie synthetic noises popping in and out.  FEWS were discovered and produced by acclaimed producer Dan Carey, from which you can hear influences from previous projects Bat For Lashes in the off-kilter vibe, and Django Django in the relentless rhythms.

Released by Play It Again Sam

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