[LISTEN] Hinds - San Diego

Madrid-based garage rock four-piece Hinds have unveiled unbelievably catchy new track 'San Diego.' Armed with repetitive guitar riffs and strumming patterns, this is most definitely an extremely perfect tune to dance to. The melodious chorus allows one to pick it up almost immediately, and be able to sing along to with no difficulty. Continuous rhythms which give a slightly American-retro feel allow one to be transported into a world full of nostalgia and sun-kissed days, whilst also giving a smile to your face.

'San Diego' is a must-listen track which will be appearing on Hinds' debut album 'Leave Me Alone' due for release on 8th January 2016. You can catch the always-fun and energetic Hinds on their UK tour which takes place in February 2016. Meanwhile, check out the vibrant new track below:

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