[INTERVIEW] with Otherkin

OTHERKIN drive their 2015 ahead with the release of The "201" EP - their début outing for the Rubyworks label. The EP corrals "AY AY" into the bruising company of new radio track "Feel It" - viewable at the bottom of the post - plus two more brand new songs "20 To 11" and "Love's A Liability". You can read the interview we had with them below!

If you could describe your band to someone who's not heard a track of yours, what would you describe yourselves to be?
Gritty pop music

Who are your key influences?
We all listen to a pretty eclectic mix, but a lot of older punk bands and early 2000’s indie bands are big influences in our music!

How would you describe your local music scene in one sentence?
Small but strong!

Your latest work has got a lot of positive reviews, how does it feel to be hyped up by a lot of renowned sites and radio stations?
It’s really nice to read and hear positive reviews about “The 201”, we spent a lot of time refining the songs to the finished EP so it’s sweet to hear people are into it!

When do you find you do most of your writing?
We’ve been writing a lot for the album, so whenever we aren’t touring we’re in the studio all day everyday.

How do the songs start for you? Do you write lyrics first then the music, or does it start from a guitar loop?
It’s a very collaborative process for us, it can start from a simple riff one of the guys writes or just a jam session that works out. We try not to stick to a certain process or formula though, the best songs are always the ones that come out of nowhere!

What has been the BEST show you've ever played to date?
Playing at Longitude this year was amazing, there was a huge crowd and they really went wild for the set. We really didn’t expect a sizeable crowd at all, so it was super cool to see everyone dancing!

Who would be your ideal support band (past or present) if you could choose one?
We all are hugely influenced by the English punk scene so somebody like The Clash or Sex Pistols would be the dream!

... and finally, what music are you guys currently listening to?
The new Tame Impala album has been on rotation in the van a lot. The new Wolf Alice record is really superb too.
 Otherkin's new EP "201" is out now - the link to buy it is here!