[LISTEN] - Pana Waves - Skins

Birmingham-based foursome Pana Waves have just released their debut EP in time for Christmas, and it's a bit of a gem.

Titular track Skins is the pick of the bunch, an upbeat and bouncy tune hides the stark and depressingly real lyricism beneath, which outs it as quintessentially British indie-pop. It's as light and refreshing as a spring morning, with singer Cai Mahon's warm vocals, making it the perfect song for a chilled out winter night. It's polished, tight and a superb indie pop song that deserves a bit more recognition.

2016 could be a breakout year for the band, and if they keep producing great music and even improving, they could definitely become a shock hit in the indie scene. Keep your eyes peeled for these boys in the new year.

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