[SOUNDS OF 2016] #1 - VANT

So here we are, we're at the end of our 2016 edition of 'Sounds of' and we're pleased to announce that VANT are our number one! SO, who are they and why are they #1? Well, let me tell you! They're a rock band formed by Matthew Vant and they're one of those bands that seem to be constantly on the road doing what they love, performing on stage and simply rocking out!

2015 has seen them release  some pretty kick ass tracks such as "The Answer" which came our earlier this year as well as their latest track "Parking Lot". "Parking Lot" has a chorus that's so catchy that you can sing along immediately, this track is one that will be on repeat in your head for a long time. After performing a remarkable set at Reading and Leeds festival this year (ending with a crowd-surf from front-man Matthew), there is no doubt that there are massive things ahead for this band.

They're a rock band for the teenagers in the 00's, full of energy and with some amazing tracks too. With Parlophone behind them be sure to see this band being pushed out there and playing some insane shows and some massive venues by the end of the year, and who knows, even following in Royal Blood's shoes and getting a #1 d├ębut album, what dream come true for that band - as they were supporting Royal Blood a lot of the time this year.

So Vant, they're a band that the British people can be proud of, I'm not going to say they'll be as big as Foo Fighters, but even from this early stage on you can see them going in that general direction. Be sure to keep an eye on them!

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