[SOUNDS OF 2016] #3 - Racing Glaciers

Five-piece indie band Racing Glaciers have had an amazing 2015, with shows all over the UK and Europe alike they've grown vastly and have their debut album just around the corner in early 2016. They've also recently released their new single "Seems Like A Good Time". Embellished with continuous guitar parts and a driving drum beat, there's no doubt that this track has a catchy, rhythmic feel in an instant. The vocals complement the instrumentation effortlessly, ensuring that the lyrics are portrayed through a dynamic sentiment as well as through the powerful chorus. An eerie middle-8 exposes the stripped back vocals and harmonies, reflecting the overall mood of the track before building up to the strong chorus with the full timbre of instrumentation one last time.

This can be classed as their 'heavier' track, but with a couple of EPs behind them they've already got a whole heap of tracks to choose from when they perform, but "Seems Like A Good Time" and it's predessesor "What I Saw" are both two of their best pieces of work, and the duo of songs act as a major teaser for their 2016 LP.

They've been riding off the back of a wave of optimism and also even being included on the latest Transformers OST in 2014, the band from Macclesfield have it all going for them right about now! Combine that with theri early tracks such as "Animal" - which has some real emotion buried beneath the soaring post-rock riffs and melodies - so yeah, just listen to this and tell me they're destined for big things!