[SOUNDS OF 2016] #7 - The Hunna

Now we don't usually jump the gun when it comes to the 'Sounds' posts, but this band totally deserve to be here. They only played their first shows in mid October while they were supporting Coasts on their UK tour, but since then have gone on to be one of the most hyped bands in the country, actually no, make it the world, I can't stress how quickly they've got around from 0-40k likes!

With a staggering half a million views on their teaser video for "Bonfire" and over one and a half million split between the two official videos for "Bonfire" and "She's Casual", that effectively lit the touch-paper for them and since then have been riding high on the love of their fans on social media. However their first show was before then back in a pub in Hartford at the Dog and Whistle and even though only a handful of people knew who they were the crowd certainly had a great time.

With just TWO - yes two - songs currently out there they're clearly doing a great job (also their management) as they've got over 40k likes on Facebook and similar followers on Twitter, we can't quite understand how but I guess its down to how solid their d├ębut single was. They've not sold out TWO nights at the Boston Music Room in London with a third about to sell out, it's plain to see they're going to be huge.

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