Your Non-Christmas Song Christmas Playlist

Yes, we know. This playlist has a pretty weird title. So let me explain:
If you want to get in the mood for Christmas, but can't stand the thought of listening to the criminally-overplayed classic Christmas songs, we may just have the thing for you:

A playlist consisting of songs, which weren't ever written as Christmas songs, but have an incredibly christmasy vibe. You know what we mean!

MØ - Glass
If that intro doesn't get you in the Christmas mood, nothing will!

Vampire Weekend - Horchata
"In December…" - also includes bells

Ed Hardcourt- Black Dress

 Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body
Perfectly captures the Christmas vibe for us

Bloc Party - Blue Light
Perhaps also red, green and white lights, but hey! Lights just have Christmas written all over them!

We hope that you've now got some songs to get you ready for Christmas without having to listen to Wham! Merry Christmas!