[LISTEN] Gang Of Youths - Heroes (David Bowie Cover)

Ganf of Youths have recorded a very touching cover of David Bowie's "Heroes", it's a raw and ready track with some very delicate synths and drum beats turning one of Bowie's biggest ever hits into a late night chillout anthem.

You can read a statement from Dave Le'aupepe below.

"I wish I had some ornate or choice words to express how sad I am at the moment but I don’t, so I  figured the best way for me to remember david bowie was to cover the first song of his that I ever heard.

At the risk of being trite, “heroes" changed my life. the melody accompanying “I, I will be king/and you/you will be queen” is to me, not only the finest melody the thin white duke ever wrote but among the finest ever written period.

And if you listen to the synth line in the end chorus of our track “radioface” very, very closely you can hear a small nod to “heroes”.

Thank you to another david, david andrew for helping me with this.

All hail the goblin king."