[IAI PREMIERE] Dane Joe - Tinnitus

Here at It's All Indie we love to bring you new amazing music - so being able to premiere great music is something we really enjoy!

Dane Joe is an incredibly talented Israeli artist sporting an extremely fascinating style of music. Upon seeing her in Berlin we described her as having "a voice (think of a dark version of Youth Lagoon) punctured by - what can be described as - story telling and screams, making for rather heavy listening. Dane Joe is not easy on the listener - she doesn't want to be, though. Her thumping synth sounds act as a reminder of the special music once released by "Fever Ray".
Dark, unnerving and beautiful."

And upon seeing her latest video - produced by Turk Lees we are as intrigued by her as we were the minute the first synth sounds rang out in that Berlin basement.
The video for Tinnitus is as trippy as it gets - we can't remember having seen anything like it.

Dane Joe is definitely one to watch for the future - just don't forget to enjoy the fascinating present with her.