Catfish and the Bottlemen reveal new single "Soundcheck"

Catfish and the Bottlemen have revealed their new single, Soundcheck, on Annie Mac's show tonight. After just a short break from touring the first record, the four-piece are back with a brand new song for fans. As well as this, the band have recently been announcing festival slots, including headline sets, across the country. The next record will be out before Summer hits.

Exclusively played on Annie Mac's show tonight (15.2.16), the new single is described as "the one" by Van, the lead singer. He has also previously said that the last record, The Balcony, was the support and this record is the headliner.

Soundcheck is cleaner than before. The sound is more precise and perfected, drawing upon the band's career and the way in which it has progressed so quickly. They're ready for stadiums and there's no doubt about it - what with their darker, more mature sound still building up into something of an anthem; something they can do very well. Proving they have learned more as musicians and have taken a step back to approach that within their music, Catfish and the Bottlemen are back with a song described as "huge" and "spectacular" by listeners on Radio 1.

Van McCann reveals details of the next album. Recorded out in LA, the four-piece say they have been working with a producer who has been telling them more directly about what is good and what isn't. The sound apparently came natural and they made it sound as big as they could, without steering too far from what they are.