Discogs releases app for iOS

Seems like we've been waiting for something like this for ages! One of, if not the, most anticipated segment of the Discogs 15 year anniversary is finally being released this week; the Discogs app makes its way live and wide to the public. Like any top-tier, user-friendly application, the Discogs app is ever evolving. It is being approached in the way Discogs approaches all their projects in that the company will continue to listen and respond to the community’s requests and feedback.

The APP is out now on Apple Store

The app’s beginning functionality will focus on the overwhelmingly most popular aspect of the Discogs platform: collection and wantlist, with more sorting and filtering options currently in development. For the last decade and a half, Discogs has consistently listened to their user base, (which, if you have any experience with vinyl collectors, can be a divisive and loud collective voice to absorb!) and adapted, rather than press unnecessary or superfluous features on them, and that will be the identical approach with their app.