Frank Turner reveals video for new track "Mittens"

Frank Turner is now sharing the video for a new single ‘Mittens’, following a standout year which took in a set at Glastonbury’s Other Stage, alongside Reading and Leeds Festival (in a record-breaking ninth consecutive appearance) and a Winter tour which saw Turner perform to over 35,000 fans, including a North London homecoming sell-out show to an audience of 10,000 at Alexandra Palace. There no doubt that he is a cult icon now, and in his new video it sees him dress up as Elvis, wooing a girl and lots and lots of slow-mo!

PIC by Ethan Weatherby

Mittens EP Tracklisting
1. Mittens (single mix)
2. Least Of All, Young Caroline
3. Little Aphrodite
4. Cleopatra In New York
5. The Armadillo