[GIG REVIEW] The Crookes w/ Misty Miller & Affairs, 10th February 2016

I've probably bored my acquaintances over the years stating that one of my favourite places to be is at a live 'The Crookes' gig, last night was no different in Hull's unique The New Adelphi Club.

Before I get to the Sheffield lads, there was the support acts which firstly came in the form of Hull's very own Affairs. I believe these lads will go far and I've have said this for agesss! Hard working and getting technically better with every release, they now have a great repertoire, strong branding and those key stand out attributes (mainly James' dancing but I genuinely mean every aspect of their set aswell)

I posted an interview with the lads on here the other day, ermm just let me find it... Interview. I still forgot to ask about the gravy story!

Catching up with the guys they mentioned some exciting things in the pipeline so if you're in the Manchester area, no doubt you'll be able to catch them sometime soon. You won't regret it:

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Misty Miller was up next and as a self confessed novice in terms of listening to her art, I was intrigued to see what was about to happen when she took to the stage wearing a 'Pixies' shirt, acoustic in hand, strong attitude and not alot else...oh and her boyfriend (i think) on another guitar.

What followed was her undeniable ability to hold not only her voice but the crowds attention with minimal effort. Cleverly constructed lyrics, dare I say, made my head think of 'Jagged Little Pill', whether she would be happy with that comparison i'm not sure but I mean it as a huge compliment.

Totally enjoyed her set though and this wouldn't be the last we would see of her for the evening. Like, follow etc below, you know the drill by now:


'The Crookes'... well what can I say that I haven't already over the years. I don't think there are many more complimentary terms that I could spit out right now. As a fan, the chaps just have my buy in constantly. They cannot do any wrong in my eyes. **Fanboy Alert**

New Album 'Lucky Ones' has not moved from my playlist since its release a couple of weeks ago, even the morning of my dads wedding I woke up and played him it! He loved it aswell, he knows he did!

In the build up of this gig I managed to grab an informal interview with Daniel and Adam from the band (will be posted on IAI soon) which was a personal highlight for me as I so eloquently told them that they're "my second favourite band".

Anyway this is a gig review so let's do that! A great mixture of old tunes throughout the years and obviously new hits from 'Lucky Ones' kept a very diverse crowd happy throughout. Personally I loved the fact they played "When You're Fragile" which I don't recall hearing live before. I love the lyrics to that song despite being relatively dark.

'I Wanna Waste My Time On You', 'Lucky Ones', 'Roman Candle' and my personal new favourite 'The World Is Waiting' all went down a storm and the guys seemed to be having a good laugh on stage even though George's mic stand was twirling around more than I was with my dodgy dancing.

This new album has some more keyboard/synth sounds thrown in the mix and i'm sure Daniel used these within a couple of older tracks such as 'Afterglow', I may be totally wrong and just never noticed this previously but it gave those hits a new cheeky twist.

You know I said earlier we hadn't seen the last of Misty Miller for the evening? This is because she joined forces with The Crookes on stage to perform "Ex-Lovers" a B-Side of 'I Wanna Waste My Time On You'.

Recorded just using one microphone, George and Misty unintentionally ended up sharing one microphone again but it worked abit better in my opinion as a live spectacle. This was THAT moment mid-gig that the crowd get drawn in and soak up what's happening in front of them. Very special.

All in all a fantastic evening for me personally, especially spotting my face on the front of one of their single covers, no royalties coming my way despite my best efforts but it's safe to say I can't wait to see them live again asap.

If you're not a Bright Young Thing yet then their world is waiting for you here:


Photo Credit: @JustBrumby87

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Jase Hare