In two days time VIMES' début album will be out, "Nights In Limbo" will be out February 12th, 2016 via Humming Records / Rough Trade, and a few weeks later it'll also herald the start of the band's European tour.

The track is an eclectic mix of dark and moody synths, bass heavy beats, processed clicks and very heavenly vocals. It's definitely one for your 'late night session' playlists - listen to it below as well as their EU tour dates! 

"Nights In Limbo" Tour
09.03.16. Aachen, Kulturbunker
10.03.16. Duisburg, Steinbruch
11.03.16. Cologne, Gebäude 9 * record release show *
12.03.16. Stuttgart, 1210
14.03.16. Munich, Milla
15.03.16. Mainz, Schon Schön
16.03.16. Luxembourg, De Goude Wellen (L)
17.03.16. Nuremberg, Stereo
18.03.16. Dresden, Paula
19.03.16. Berlin, Musik & Frieden
23.03.16. Hamburg, Häkken
24.03.16. Hannover, Lux
30.03.16. Düsseldorf, FFT
16.04.16. Kassel, Schlachthof