The 1975 cover Justin Bieber's "Sorry" in the Radio 1 Live Lounge

The 1975 have turned Justin Bieber's "Sorry" into a silky smooth love making song, complete with saxophone! It's got a funky beat and laced with guitars and electronic whispers.

The cover is partially an apology from Matt Healy, he said - "I went out one night to a gig, Ed Sheeran’s gig, and stole his [Ed's] rider, and took it out to the front with me. got absolutely hammered, then went out, and Justin Bieber was there. I was very excited, because it was Justin Bieber, and what I did was… I got a text the next morning saying.. Ed told me that I’d continually just poked him in the chest and told him that he was Justin Bieber. He kept trying to get me kicked out, but then Abęl from The Weeknd was finding me really entertaining and kept bringing me back in. The jester of the evening."