Viola Beach's "Swings & Waterslides" is #1 on iTunes chart

Frontman Kris Leonard (19), guitarist River Reeves (19), bassist Tomas Lowe (27), drummer Jack Dakin (24) and their manager Craig Tarry (32), were returning from Sweden's Where Is The Music festival on Friday 12th February when their car fell off a bridge at the Södertälje canal.

 After the tragic news some fans decided a fitting tribute to their lives would be to help get them a #1 single, and today the band have finally reached the #1 spot on the iTunes chart!

With support from The Rolling Stones, Liam Gallagher and Kasabian - and many more - it comes to no surprise that the whole music industry and fans alike want this to happen. May their souls rest in peace. Viola Beach, a band taken from us way too soon.