[INTRODUCING] October Drift

We've been following the band for a little while now and after we heard their latest track "Still Here" we just had to write more than just a news article on them! Located down in the depths of the South West of England the band have been making a name for themselves for a while now and after "Still Here" dropped there was a frenzy of media attention all over them.

They've managed to do a sold-out headline tour before the release of a début album and have been working hard on filling bigger venues all over the UK on their current tour, one show for example was at Sheffield's Leadmill venue, which always sees the best up and coming acts from round the UK stopping by.

Their sound is a blend of post-rock, post-punk and some experimental elements combined with some distinctive vocals and a dash of synth and fuzz too. The band have just released their new EP "Stranger Days" via Scruff of the Neck Records and after heading it we're predicting they'll be filling big venues within the next year or so! You need to check them out!

For fans of // Smashing Pumpkins, Interpol, Vant