[LISTEN] Weaves - Candy

Whoah, so this is a bat crap crazy track, but I love it. 'Candy'  by Weaves is being released on Memphis Industries in the UK, so as a massive Menace Beach fanboy my interest was already piqued, but that probably didn't quite prepare me for the sugary sweet fuzz-rush Weaves were about explode all up in my ears. Describing the song as a "bright pink piece of cake" vocalist Jasmyn Burke explains that the track is piece of colourful escapism that invites everyone "on board to join in the fruitful haze".

Like an LCD Soundsystem track spinning into an acidic trip through the bright colours and surreal landscapes of the Nintendo universe, 'Candy' is both hooky and unsettling at the same time. Burke's manic voice is simultaneously desperate and commanding, bellowing instructions through a neon speakerphone in Weaves own cartoon creation. You can feel your teeth rotting whilst listening to this tune, similarly you can feel your energy levels being perked up immensely. Shake the fizzy drink that is Weaves' 'Candy' below:

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