[LISTEN] Holy Esque - Addicted Lovers (Robert Palmer Cover)

Holy Esque have unveiled their version on Robert Palmer's "Addicted Lovers", which acts as a follow-up to their debut album "At Hope's Ravine". And perhaps you might have guessed, it's got a very 80's feel to it with some deep and heavy synths paving the way.

"We have always trodden carefully in the realm of song covers." explains frontman Pat Hynes. "The idea of working on someone else's track before perfecting our own seemed strange and initially unappealing, but when the idea arose to interpret 'Addicted To Love' we really enjoyed the process. It's a dark and somewhat sleazy track with a sense of sex appeal and fun. We love the original and thought we could show a lighter side of the band through this '80s hit. I think we have achieved that and we may even feature the song in a few special upcoming shows."