[LISTEN] Too Cool Kid - Drained

The enigmatic Cambridge/Manchester based Too Cool Kid return with brooding and sultry new single 'Drained'. Clocking in at under 2 minutes, it's a concise, invigorating and downbeat bluesy groove of a song, punctuated by airy sections of release which showcase lead singer Jay Plent's dynamic vocal range and the band's instrumental dexterity.

Ruminating on the emotional toll an unravelling relationship can have,  the opening lyrics set the scene: "All the breath that your body took from me, I'd suck it in". The emptiness following the destruction of something spiritual that you've put so much energy into creates a physical withdrawal, resulting in a shallowness of breath and weakening of the body. The tightly wound verses juxtaposed against the anthemic choruses neatly represent the ying and yang of self-assured anger versus despair in dealing with the situation.

Whilst Too Cool Kid may hide behind a cartoon when it comes to the visual element, 'Drained' exemplifies a band which is at ease with baring themselves lyrically and thematically, and a band that is growing in confidence and swagger with every release. Listen to 'Drained' below:

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