[LISTEN] FloodHounds - Soulmates to Cellmates NEW VIDEO

Floodhounds have probably been one of the most charming finds of my career as a blogger, easily sliding into well established company on my playlists and soundtracking recently important events and travels of my life. **see previous complimentary posts**

Soulmates to Cellmates is a new tune of theirs which perfectly portrays this, with a strong undertone of bluesy rock n roll, it also does well to maintain that catchy element of being able to sing along to it.

Recent videos accompanying their tunes have been classic... Band plays song, Band have fun, video ends... kind of videos, but this outing sees them blending abit of concept and story into the mix. Arguably not essential for a truly great band but i think it can't do any harm!

The video is born from South Yorkshire Film Network’s (SYFN’s) annual festival (#2weeks2makeit) which randomly combines film makers and musicians,and asks them to complete a music video in under two weeks. You can find more info about this initiative HERE -- 2weeks2makeit

The band seem to be growing in confidence with every outing, something which i've probably said before about them but it continues to be true.

Check out the video above and if you like their stuff then please go check them out on the below Facebook link. This band won't let you down if you're a rock and roll purist.



Jase Hare