[LISTEN] The Collier 'One Big Dream' [IAI PREMIERE]

This is the epic debut single from the future rock band The Collier. This uplifting first attempt from the four piece outfit hailing from Leigh-On-Sea, demonstrates true raw talent. A great song is about melody and lyric dovetailing together to evoke emotions and ideas, something The Collier have mastered with 'One Big Dream'.

"One big dream was the track that brought the band together. The moment where i knew that something was happening. It's our first and longest played collier track and I think it captures what the sound of the band is. layered guitars, passionate vocals and aggressive hints layered throughout, one big dream is a track that has that familiarity yet leads somewhere complete new and original" 

Their songs inspired Ali Staton - longtime producer who worked with everyone from PJ Harvey, Pulp and Madonna to work with them on this single.

 The Collier are destined to play stadiums with their big arena sound, be sure to catch them at their London show next week.

26th July - The Old Blue Last - more info