Who we're excited to see at Reading & Leeds 2016

Reading & Leeds is officially the close to my summer and unfortunately it is just around the corner! That said... I LOVE IT! And this year i'm more excited than ever to be spending 5 days in sunny-ish Yorkshire trying to avoid the toilet situation, here are some of the reasons why listed below:

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers.

No one can deny their back catalogue and whilst yes I admit they're probably past their prime in terms of a live show, I have never managed to catch them so it's one off the bucket list. Naturally you have to be dubious about how many more tours they'll complete so I intend to make the most of seeing them headline R&L. 

2. Bang Bang Romeo.

If you're asking yourself who then you soon won't be. My tip for a meteoric rise in the (very) near future. They're playing the new Jack Rocks and This Feeling stage which has lined up tasty fresh talent for your listening pleasure. BBR are a mix bag of style, personalities and influences that come together to pose of a formidable musical treat. If there is one live performance I am most looking forward to it is 'Chemical' by these guys... Just YES!

3. Biffy Clyro.

These guys always smash it and their previous headline R&L slot blew me away. Since then seen them a couple of times and their energy levels/enthusiasm do not drop a single level. A cracking new album should see them smash it again this year. I'm sure people don't need me to ramble on about their hits but personally new tune 'Animal Style' is a beast live. 


4. The Jackobins.

Yep, The Jackobins may also not be on many a radar at the moment but like submarine beacons they'll be pinging up all over the place soon. Good solid hits that remind me of early 90's cockiness but without the feeling of thinking they've over played their card. Professional music makers at their heart. 'One More Chance' and 'Hasty' are tunes to look out for.


5. Vant.

The band were disappointed with the crowd in 2015 specifically at Leeds (although my friends and I were there enjoying the lads effort) I think their promotion to a bigger stage has reflected a big year of 'getting known' and hopefully the crowds effort will increase too! There's always room for more people at a Vant gig but they'll expect you to rock.


6. Clean Cut Kid.

A lovely band to talk to, very humble and a class act live for sure. BBC Introducing stage headliners now movin' on up! 'We used to be in love' will be a great tune to see in this setting. I think they'd be able to win over plenty of new fans in a festival setting this time so go and join their 'Babe Magnet' crew!


7. Maximo Park.

Energy, energy, ENERGY! Non stop frantic show when i saw them last so very excited to see them top of the bill on a great stage that will vibe off them for sure! A blast from the past for some people but still current occupying playlist space for me.


8. Jack Garratt.

Supremely annoyed with myself i haven't witnessed his live set yet to see what a modern one man band can wow me with. All the hype, all the awards and all of the praise means he's coming into this festival with wool on his back to give him an edge over other decent acts on at similar times for me. Let's keep my fingers crossed but like he says, "don't worry 'bout it"

Other notes - Sundara Karma and Nothing but thieves making the jump to main stage is huge for them, be interesting to see how they fair and I haven't even mentioned Foals as we all know they'll probably trash the main stage and be wonderfully self implosive! You're probably thinking i've missed loads that i'm excited for and you'd be right! But who would read a blog that lists pretty much everyone on the poster? Top picks for a reason though. 

Hope you all have a good one and see you on the other side minus half your belongings, some of your dignity and problem a good percentage of your senses! Happy Bank Holiday weekend!!!