[EP REVIEW] Floodhounds - Look What You've Started

Do you like lyrically wonderful progressive rock that has an element of charm? Most cool people do right? Well look what this band have started (cheesy line?) to produce and I think you'll be hard pushed to find many better examples doing the rounds.

I've been lucky enough to hear some of these songs live in a very intimate setting indeed and just watching Floodhounds concoct them together with ease is a testament to their raw talent as musicians.

My personal favourite from this EP is 'Soulmates to Cellmates'. I think it has such a mature structure to it and now has a cool video to go along with it. The EP's 6 tracks balance really well with tracks like 'Greatest Mistake' showing off their softer side as well.

This EP is out on FRIDAY 16th of SEPTEMBER 2016 and I promise you that it won't just be background music if you played it from start to finish. Link to their soundcloud which you can save and keep around ready for Friday:

SOUNDCLOUD ...but in the mean time the rest of their Soundcloud is awesome and here is the video for 'Soulmates to Cellmates'. Enjoy!


Cheers - @Jasehare