[GIG REVIEW] King No-One @ Fruit, Hull, Wednesday 28th September 2016

There's part of me that thinks the King No-One lads must have been expecting a bigger buzz, bigger crowds and better receptions right around the country on this tour, but they would never admit that. Humbly accepting a cracking Hull crowd on Wednesday night, the guys went about making sure that any new fans in the audience got a great live show.

As front men go, Zach Lount is as effective as they come. A desire to touch the ceiling at most gig venues I've ever seen them, he usually ends up climbing on drum kits and speakers, making sure the health and safety reps have a heart attack. Fruit was no different, spot him in my poor photography, see below...

Some very new songs purposely played for this tour, some old material and taking abit of time out for a quick interview for IAI, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and it seems as though 'the masses' are clicking on to KNO aswell.

Anybody who has ever read any previous blabbering texts of mine knows i'm a stickler for effort on stage but there are no concerns with KNO. James (Drums) looks as though he's giving everything he's got, Joe (Rhythm guitar) and Alex (Bass) appear to be enjoying themselves as though they're having a party like the crowd and then again Zach (vocals, guitar) who starts swinging round the mic stand like a kaleidoscope on a semi-regular basis.

Their York gigs are always nuts but this is evidence that bigger and better things outside of their hometown are yet to come. Hard work is paying off guys.

Interview to follow when I can write it up so check back for that soon.

Cheers for reading and be sure to listen below: