[LISTEN] Polar States - Under The Northern Sky

Brand new music in the form of a wistfully soothing indie track that still has a message to push, "Under The Northern Sky" is a strong release from the lads from Polar States.

Whilst writing this I'm actually sat looking out of a window literally looking at a Northern Sky and it's actually made me feel quite somber. Not the track... the miserable Grimsby weather haha

A cleverly pitched mood and tone to this song mean the more it goes round and round on my speaker, the more I'm appreciating the little intricacies of it and I think it would sound so much better live than through my crackly, old iPod dock! Maybe I should upgrade that in order to do the lads justice.

Either way, I think that recent times appear to have been rather successful for Polar States, being championed by some industry heavyweights must give the lads the enthusiasm to work hard and I'm hoping for more great examples of their skill in the near future. Suppose will have to keep my eyes peeled on their socials to see if any live dates are coming up soon. Be sure to give this release, and more specifically this band, a proper listen! Usual destinations linked below... Good times!