Radiohead are set to headline Glastonbury 2017

Radiohead are set to headline Glastonbury 2017 by the looks of things. Eagled eyed Glastonbury fans have been checking into the live webcam on Worthy Farm and in the past 24 hours have seen Radiohead's bear logo appear (scroll on down for the screen-shots).

The band have been constantly linked with performing at the festival, even if they have tour plans or not, the band just seem at home there. Their guitarist Ed O'Brien made some interesting comments as of late saying ..."I mean I go to Glastonbury every year, it's my carnival, to be asked to play at Glastonbury again would be magic. And I also think that Glastonbury for us is kind of like our spiritual home. It is the mother of all festivals, we've been very lucky we've been asked to play festivals all over the world, and there's some many great ones, but there's nothing like that one. Everyone who leaves that Festival you're with our tribe and that's what I feel like. Being in Shangri-La at 3 o'clock in the morning, it doesn't get better than this. When we leave our faith is restored in humanity. You leave, and it's like 'people can be great can't they, people can be absolutely amazing.' So, yeah it will be great to play there."

Other acts that have been heavily rumoured are Foo Fighters, The Stone Roses, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, James White and Ed Sheeran. Keep an eye on Radiohead's social media accounts if I were you, they might just start dropping hints, and even if they do, it's basically confirming their appearance at Worthy Farm in 2017.