Interview with... TELEGRAM

Telegram is one of UK's most exciting bands of the recent 5 years. No other band is going more "their own way" and are rising fast from the underground punkish sweaty band to a strong live "we tell you how this rocknroll game works" experiance. Tight like the first tripple backflip with a bmx, telegram is aiming from the beginning on for high attention to what they have to say. Lyrically they put warning signs and statements everywhere in the world. UK, Japan (fucking asia man?) all over europe and now they return to the US. We had a chat about touring and stuff... You can help them getting there here now:

You said you saw us - Telegram's new single about the brexit.
1. It's somehow start of club season, any highlights you can tell already?

Our recent club shows across Australia were particularly special, a completely new experience for us.
In Brisbane Jordan came straight from the emergency room to play the show with a drip in his arm after contracting a cellulitis infection from a spider bite. Never a dull moment.

2. The oldest band you've recently found out it actually existed?

German beat group The King-Beats; they recorded a German language version of the Napoleon XIV song 'They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa' under the name "Malepartus II", managing to make it sound even more disturbing than the original - not an easy task.

3. As far as i know you're big Prog Fans. Do you (and do you know) any Neo Prog Rock Bands you've recently heard ?

We're not particularly avid prog fans. I've always liked the Mars Volta who are a modern prog band, and most things Omar Rodriguez Lopez has done.

4. You're about to tour the US. What would you like to learn from it, what have you still not learned being on the road so far?

We've not been to the west coast of America or any of Canada yet, so it'll be interesting to see how it compares to the east coast and the southern states.
One of my favourite aspects of being in a band is touring the world and meeting people; everyone's lived a different life and has a different story to tell. I find it fascinating.
Also It'll be interesting to experience first hand reactions to the recent Trump Tragedy.

5. Telegram is a mesmerizing liveband. Energetic and very honest. Could you imagine a telegram band in a paralell pink-mussel universe? What would it sound and look like.

I guess in a parallel universe we would be the opposite of those things, so I guess we'd be Coldplay.

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