[LISTEN] Born Stranger - Be SomeonE (9INERRORS Remix) [IAI PREMIERE]

Being busy working on current projects including remixing Nine Inch Nails, 9INERRORS is an emerging electronic producer who already has quite an extensive portfolio in recent months. The group has released their own album within the two months and has been getting busy with artists at the top of the electronic scene.

Being anything but a run-of-the-mill electronic remix. The mystique artist provides his imprint on this re-work of Born Stranger’s ‘Be Someone’. It’s soft ambient textures, analogue synth lines and tripped out shoe gaze vocal approach, makes it the perfect contrast to a perfect pop song.

Slowed and coloured richly with liquidated and evolving synth sounds, the remix was made on vintage synthesizers, that sound like they were inspired by the Stranger Things soundtrack. A huge emergent atmosphere is created and captured in so vividly and this re-work fits the mood just right.

Listen to the single below: