Arctic Monkeys reunite in Sheffield, is LP6 being recorded? Is it out in 2017?

On 24 August 2014, the band announced a hiatus following their AM tour and since then Alex Turner and Matt Helders have both pursued other projects during this time. In 2016, Turner announced his second album with The Last Shadow Puppets, "Everything You've Come to Expect". Helders played as a featured performer on Iggy Pop's "Post Pop Depression".

However on 6 July 2016, all four members of the band appeared together in public for the first time since the end of their AM tour. It was to promote the Sheffield Children's Hospital arts trail. But this was all just nothing compared to a photo that was taken on the streets of Sheffield a few days ago.

If you remember when we posted our article 'Arctic Monkeys to release a new album in 2016?' we said...
 " ... the band releasing an album roughly every 1.8 years on average, with the last LP being released in 2013 I was expecting them to have something out this year, but with the band taking some time out and doing other projects it seems unlikely that something will be out this year. ... "
Obviously we had the brand new The Last Shadow Puppets album and we have had since a new EP from them too, and with that done and promo all but basically done for both releases, and now is time that the band will be in the studio. With the frequent releases from Alex Turner and the sheer amount of people that are seeing of them in Sheffield we can easily see them releasing something next year.

But before you say "oh well they're just back home for Christmas time", then you're a god damn fool, whenever they start work on a new LP they always head home to record demos and ideas. It's happening guys, it is! Just look at all of the fans that have been seeing them in the city!